Everybody! It's been a long time since I saw you last

I updated blog after a long absence.
Cannot update blog at all recently; and, I'm sorry, is (>_<)
When it is said that I was not able to do it why, the reason is it properly.

The reason ... with "what!" This is because a new shop was done! 」
The name of a new shop is ... TOYS CLUB petit! !

(*^ which opened a new shop in the place that was said to be place GEEK street
which was Nihonbashi, Osaka first HOT. ^*)

Because the visitor of the foreigner considerably does shopping, come to the shop to play if there is an opportunity once
The place is 2, Nanbanaka, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi ー 4-3 Murashita Building third floor TEL 06-6589-9389

It,s a long time since. We met last time Was everybody well?

I was not able to readiy update blog recently.
beacuse various work piled up.
The product name which our shop is original as for the product.
which I want to introduce and developed is......[SAMURAI RING today!!]
To an object a certain strong wave applied.

It is the techniquel that was able to raise microvibration bring power
And a balance effect in the human body semipermanetly.TRINOX gives very carful peculiar vibration and activates every material
Beacuse the number of vibrations is very minute.

[It is first class silicon rubber titanium and this product has high strength too, and lengthen easily]
[I realize a natural charge account feeling and reliable at the time of the unexpected erection]
[I can easily put it on and can use it for a long time]
[I fix the balance of the body by putting it on in the physical center]
[useing TRINOX]
please attach a SAMURAI RING in a normal state.

It's been a long time. Is everybody well?

It became really cold recently.
Do not saw an everybody cold!
By the way, the recommended product is for ANAL today.
Foreign visitors purchase it well.
The name of the product is ...ANEROS
I have the best elasticity and the strength that I did well and realize the feel of texture appropriate for the luxury model. The quality can understand anyone intuitively at the moment when I touched it and reaches "the level not to let presence say".
The feel that this product is very smooth by the epidermis of the silicon material for most models being the hard touch. I am combined with the feel of a material that is mat and offer the luxurious feel fantastically.I come to play, and, please touch it with this product once.
In addition, I update blog if there is time.

It is after a long absence, everybody. Are you well?

I introduce a product selling in a shop today.
A foreign country buys various adult goods recently.
There was a quite unpleasant image, but a visitor came to enter in peace in old days because even our shop kept shop where all were easy to enter in mind now.
By the way, the product which I want to introduce today!
The size is four kinds. The 3L size that even a foreigner had the rare 20cm over from standard size of Japanese, but what I admired was new, and was set. 26.5cm in total length X 6cm in diameter, speaking frankly, "mon star class." It is super force size as I am puzzled in any hardware user.Try it!

It is announcement of the first place today

It's been a long time.
I am sorry that blog becomes slow.
In September, I was not able to update it in various ways because I was busy with work.
By the way, it is announcement of the adult goods first place today!
It is the product that the ..., FOR JACK off name is called "WAZ, usiroyagura" now to be popular to a tourist.
waz 後櫓
I am, and a feeling is the touch really
Although it is soft, structure of the inside is felt well and is usable in peace when I move it slowly and use it because it is the best reliable material.In addition, please look forward to if there is time because you explain various products.
I hope to see you again.